Intel Adds New CPUs, Delays Havendale

According to the latest reports on the Web, Intel added a few more CPUs to its mainstream and value lineups, all based on previous architectures from the company, and not on the newly released Nehalem. The additions include the Core 2 Quad Q8300, the Pentium Dual Core E5300 and the Celeron Dual Core E1500 processors. The Q8300 chip has been discussed already, so we'll detail the other parts that the Santa Clara chip maker has released for users.

The Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 CPU is based on the company's Wolfdale-2M, and features 2 MB of L2 cache and a clock speed of 2.60 GHz (13.0 * 200 MHz), while coming with an FSB of 800 MHz. The price of this part will be set at $86, taking the place of the maker's E5200 chip. The Celeron Dual Core E1500 chip came to the market to steal the crown of the Celeron series. The CPU is clocked at 2.20 GHz and an L2 cache of 512 KB. Based on the older 65nm Allendale core, this chip costs $53.

In related news about the chip manufacturer, we learn that its Havendale processor will be delayed until the first quarter of 2010. The chip, as said before, will include a CPU and a GPU, and it has been suggested that the company is having troubles with the implementation of the two, which caused the delay.

Intel has officially announced that the “Havendale schedule is being adjusted to intercept Q1’2010 retail and business cycles with production beginning in Q4’09.” The news site Fudzilla says that the company's official line hides the fact that it won't be able to deliver the chip on time.

The same source also says that bit OEMs should announce systems based on Havendale at CES that year, while starting the shipments a little later. Intel's Lynnfield chip, originally slated for release at the same time with Havendale, should arrive in Q4 2009.


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